Pikachu Van Gogh the must have Pokemon card.

This card has to be one of the most controversial Pokemon Cards this year (2023).
The history behind it and how to spot a fake.

Who is Van Gogh ?

Vincent Willem van Gogh (30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who is among the most famous and influential figures in the history of Western art. Known for his bold colors, expressive brushstrokes, and emotionally charged paintings, he produced a vast body of work during his short career, including around 2,100 artworks, consisting of 860 oil paintings and over 1,300 drawings and watercolors.

Van Gogh's art is characterized by its vibrant colors, bold outlines, and expressive brushwork. His paintings often depict landscapes, portraits, and still lifes, and are infused with a strong emotional intensity. He was also a prolific letter writer, and his correspondence with his brother Theo provides valuable insights into his life and work.

Van Gogh's life was marked by mental illness and personal struggles. He suffered from periods of depression, anxiety, and psychosis, and he eventually committed suicide at the age of 37. Despite his tragic end, his art has had a lasting impact on the world, and he is considered one of the most important painters of all time.

The Pikachu Card

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh's birth and the 50th anniversary of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The Pokémon Company International and the Van Gogh Museum have collaborated to reimagine the artist's paintings.

This card was handed out on the day as a free promo card.
Scalpers were ready on the day to grab as many as they could to resell.

With prices going for over $450 for an ungraded card it was in hot demand. To help everyone else that could not be there on the day, the Pokemon Center in the US decided to do another limited run with a $30 purchase or more. However, it backfired with only a few hours in, they had completely sold out and this just made the price sky rocket even more.

So how to spot a fake ?

Well it is easy if you know what you are looking for.

Step one is to look at the copyright,
The FAKE has no spaces inbetween the Pokemon/Nintendo.

The REAL will be labled like this
2023 Pokemon / Nintendo / Creatures / Game Freak

Step two is a little harder
The crimps on the FAKE are identical and perfectly spaced from the top and bottom of the plastic wrap.

The REAL has a more messy crimp with the top very close to the edge and the bottom is further in from the edge.

Third and final step.
The REAL has the FR text on the back and the FAKE does not.

This only applies to the first batch of FAKES and will keep changing.

Trading Card Care